Let's understand the Digital Maturity Level of your institute

25 Min

About the tool

Giving wings to Lenovo's vision of Smarter education for all, Lenovo has developed the SmarterEd Digital Maturity Index in partnership with EY. It is designed to empower educational institutions for the hybrid future of learning. It is a free consultative tool that allows education institutes to assess their digital maturity and technological advancement across all of their processes and recommends the most suitable next steps to advance on their journey of digital transformation.

How will this help?

Gauges where your institution stands in the technology adoption curve

Aids in adopting new tech needed to be future-ready

Helps in progressing towards hybrid education

How to get started?

Step 1

Fill in all your KYC details.

Step 2

Evaluate the level of digitization in your core processes.

  • Student Admission Process
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Academic Operations
  • Administrative Operations
  • Student Activity
  • Alumni Relationship Management Process

Step 3

Evaluate the level of digitization in your enabler processes.

  • Strategy, Vision and Leadership
  • People Capability
  • Financial Capability
  • Network, Data and Storage Infrastructure
  • Process Capability

Step 4

Once you complete the assessment, your institute will be recognised under one of the following characteristics for each of the two dimensions:

  • Novice
  • Emerging
  • Evolving
  • Advancing
  • Pioneering

Result and Evaluation

Based on your assessment, the Lenovo SmarterEd Digital Maturity Index gives expert recommendations and suggests edu-tech tools for your institute to adopt in your system. This assessment, developed in partnership with EY, is your ticket to what's coming next in academics.