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Give someone a better future.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Give someone a better future.
Find the NGO you wish to donate to and get started.


What is the ‘Gift a Device’ Program?

India has over 315 million students, who have been affected with schools being shut during the pandemic. A UNICEF Study in 2020 estimated that over 247 million students were affected due to lack of access to virtual learning and this has only worsened in 2021. Many of these students have little or no access to a device for their online school. Lenovo strongly believes that access to education should be available freely and supports this aim with projects that provide online content and solutions. We initiated the ‘Gift a device’ campaign to encourage our consumers and the public to donate a device that will support the education of a child in the country.

Lenovo has partnered with GiveIndia to support charity partners who are looking for devices to support young students in government schools.


Who are these charities and how have you selected them?

Agastya International Foundation, Bhumi and Yuva Unstoppable are organizations that work on education with strong connections in government schools, community schools and shelter homes across India. They have been running community programs supporting young students in STEM education from Grades 6 to 10. Since the pandemic, the organizations have also been raising funds and supporting students from government schools whose annual family income is less than INR 400,000.

These charities have undergone a due diligence process while registering with GiveIndia to receive monetary and in-kind support. The process verifies that the NGOs are compliant with all the applicable laws, they have registered beneficiaries who are tracked on their beneficiary management systems, have robust reporting systems in place and a track record of successfully delivering programs. All the above 3 charities are Lenovo community partners in education.


Who are the beneficiaries who will receive these gifts?

The beneficiaries are economically backward students from government schools in rural and peri-urban localities. They are part of the school education programs being implemented by Agastya International Foundation, Bhumi and Yuva Unstoppable. The three charity partners under this program will identify the underprivileged student with the most needs and these students will receive the gift that you will be donating in-kind through the Lenovo portal.


If I am purchasing these devices to donate, why is it called gifting? Will I get a tax exemption certificate for this donation?

As there is no exchange of cash or funds and as the devices are being purchased on the Lenovo portal to be donated, this initiative is being termed as ‘gifting’. Further, this initiative is not eligible for a tax exemption certificate.


How will these devices reach the beneficiary? How do I know that the device has been delivered?

Once you select the device for gifting, you can complete the transaction and find the billing and shipping address of the charity to whom the devices will be delivered. The selected charity will then make the arrangements to deliver the device to the student in need.


How will I know these devices have reached the beneficiary?

Upon the delivery of the devices, GiveIndia will share an acknowledgement letter or photograph of the device having been delivered to the beneficiary. This may take upto 60 working days from the time the device gifting transaction is completed till the device is in the hands of the student.


Will my data be shared with the charities or the beneficiary?

Only basic information such as name and email ID will be shared with GiveIndia to provide you with beneficiary details. Please review the GiveIndia privacy policy here.

Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd. is facilitating the gifting of the device to the beneficiary through the charity partner with the use of its e-Commerce website. Please refer to Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd. Privacy Policy here